Who We Are

We are a group of licensed professionals with diverse and extensive counseling and consulting experience working together in private practice. At Rivertown Wellness, we understand that life does not always go as expected. We are here to offer hope to those who are seeking a compassionate listening ear. We know that it is not easy to take the first step, but if you will take that step our team promises to come alongside you in a safe, confidential setting where the restoration of hope can begin.

To learn more about the experience, approach and specialty of each clinician, please continue reading.  

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Ann Marie Aponte, MA, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor

Book For | Individual Counseling, Adolescent Counseling, Consultations, Speaking Engagements, Pre-marital Counseling

Specialties | Women’s Issues, Relationship Issues, Depression, Anxiety, OCD, Infertility, Adoption

“I have had the joy of being involved in private practice since 1998. My passion for counseling began in college when I worked as a Resident’s Assistant at Cedarville University. It was there that I witnessed first-hand how counseling could be used to restore brokenness, renew hope and rejuvenate lives. Now, I consider it a great privilege to partner with my clients on their transformational journeys. In my free time, I enjoy cooking with my family and a good cup of tea. 

I am a professional counselor, licensed in the state of Ohio and am a graduate of Liberty University’s Master of Arts Professional Counseling program. With a Bachelor of Arts in Middle-Childhood Education, I have worked extensively with families and students in educational settings for over a decade and now incorporate that knowledge into my counseling practice. Clinically, I have experience working with adolescents, individuals, couples and families. It is my goal to put people of all ages and all backgrounds at ease in my counseling office so they can achieve effective and productive changes in their personal lives. When working with couples for pre-marital counseling, I utilize the SYMBIS program as a certified facilitator.

My integrative approach with families, individuals, and couples is built on a trusting relationship formed between me and my client. This positive therapeutic relationship provides a safe place for clients to explore thoughts, emotions and behaviors. In this environment, I partner together with my clients to help them develop the insights and skills necessary to make positive changes in their lives.”

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Cody Hanson, MS, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor

Book For | Individual Counseling, Workshops, Speaking Engagements, Enneagram Mini-Intensives

Specialties | Enneagram Typing System, Men's Issues, Anger Management, Adoption/Foster Care, Infidelity

"Over the years, I have developed a deep love for the city of Cincinnati and a passion to promote wellness here. It was that passion that led me to open Rivertown Wellness as a place for you to find approachable counselors that offer quality services. Both personally and professionally, I have the desire to discover meaning in suffering in order to make positive change. One of the tools I use to accomplish this is a personality typing system called the Enneagram, which gives you powerful insight into why you do the things you do. So often we feel stuck because we aren't aware of the barriers holding us back. The Enneagram helps illuminate practical ways to overcome these barriers. I whole-heartedly believe healing is possible for all people. When I'm not working, I can usually be found checking out different sites and restaurants in Cincinnati with my wife and kids.

I am professionally licensed here in Ohio. I obtained my training and education at Northern Kentucky University and the University of Cincinnati. At UC, I completed my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, leading me to five years of work in clinical research. During this time, I coordinated various studies on potential medications for Major Depressive Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, and Generalized Anxiety Disorder. At NKU, I completed my Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. I have experience working with diverse individuals and couples dealing with issues with grief, infidelity, adoption or foster care, anger, anxiety and depression.

My main goal is to collaborate with you in order to navigate the uncertainty in your relationships, your job and your family. Parts of our work together will focus on practical solutions while other parts will focus on the root issues. I realize there isn’t a one-sized-fits-all formula for change so I spend time listening and understanding your perspective. I integrate a faith-based view with effective therapeutic approaches to help guide you toward accomplishing your goals. My aim is to highlight ways you can transform your life each time we meet. Life is messy but I am passionate about helping you make sense of the mess."

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Sheryl Stenger, MA, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor

Book For | Adolescent Counseling, Individual Counseling

Specialties | Adolescent Issues, Anxiety, Suicide/Self-Harm, Depression

"I have lived and worked in the Greater Cincinnati area most of my life and am happy to call it home. My passion is to help others grow and find hope through counseling. I believe that we all go through negative experiences in life, in varying degrees and levels, and that hope, growth, and healing can be reached for each individual. In my downtime, I enjoy visiting with my family and friends. I also love traveling to experience new places and cultures - whether that is locally or across the globe.

I received my training and education in counseling through Xavier University and am now a Licensed Professional Counselor in Ohio. I attended Drake University for my undergraduate studies, where I completed a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology. While at Xavier, I earned a Master of Arts degree in Professional School Counseling. This led me to a rewarding position as a school counselor at a local high school. I am passionate about helping high school students navigate the roller-coaster that is the teenage years. After several years of working as a school counselor, I completed the Clinical Mental Health Counseling curriculum at Xavier in order to become a clinical counselor. Being trained as both a school counselor and a clinical counselor has given me extensive knowledge working with diverse individuals in a variety of settings. Some of the common issues I've worked with include grief, trauma, identity issues, career counseling, school issues, self-harm, anxiety and depression.

As a counselor, my aim is to meet you wherever you currently are in life. This will look different for everyone. It might be helping you reach certain goals you've set for yourself or it might be figuring out where to even start. Either way, we will collaborate to explore what change means for you and work to discover it. Many clients appreciate when I integrate faith into my therapy, helping meet their unique and individual needs. Regardless of where you stand, I work hard to ensure you leave each session feeling more confident and hopeful, knowing you're making positive steps to change your life."


Lynn Crider, MA, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor

Book For | Couples Counseling, Individual Counseling, Speaking Engagements

Specialties | Marriage/Pre-Marital, Relationship Issues, Career Counseling, Grief and Loss, Trauma

"Cincinnati has been my home for most of my life.  My husband and I were married here, and we have raised our three boys in this city.  Our extended family and cherished friends are in Cincinnati and it’s hard to imagine ever leaving.  Over the years, my love for the people of this city led me to serve in various capacities with local government & commissions, as well as a licensed professional counselor.  Outside of work, I treasure my family time. Watching sports whether live or on screen is a family favorite! I also love to walk outside, and you will often find my husband and I taking an evening stroll around the neighborhood with our two dogs, Dotti and Buck.  

My professional background is eclectic.  After earning a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in Marketing from the Ohio State University, I spent almost a decade working for Fortune 500 companies in sales, marketing and business management.  During that time, I earned a Master of Business Administration from Xavier University in International Business. After our second son was born, I had the privilege of staying home with my children full time. Almost immediately, I became an active volunteer for our local schools and community government serving as a City Council Representative and then as Vice Mayor for over nine years.  Serving the community in this capacity allowed me to work and collaborate with individuals of diverse backgrounds. It was in this season that I felt called to the profession of counseling. I earned a Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Xavier University and am a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Ohio. I have experience with individuals struggling with interpersonal relationships and codependency as well as grief, anxiety, depression and career planning.  Additionally, I have experience in couples counseling and am a certified SYMBIS facilitator.

The story of our lives is sometimes better depicted in terms of seasons versus simply years.  Some seasons are joyful such as the anticipation of a graduation, getting married or welcoming a new baby.  Other times, however, we find ourselves in a season of adversity and become overwhelmed by our circumstances.  Profound disappointment sets in and we grieve our lost dreams and unmet expectations. During these more difficult seasons, we may develop negative beliefs about ourselves or the world around us that cause further suffering.  It is my desire as a counselor to provide a compassionate space where one can wrestle with these negative beliefs and begin to see life through a more hopeful lens. I use the Gottman method along with a Solutions-Focused approach when working with couples, having completed Levels 1 and 2 of the Gottman training. By using a strengths-based solution focused counseling approach, my goal is to empower clients to identify goals and strategies to solve problems.  I bring awareness of your strengths into the counseling session – strengths you may not realize (or have forgotten) you have. I have found faith to be a powerful strength and it can be integrated into our time together if requested. You have the strength to write your life story, and through a collaborative effort, a season of adversity can look more like a season of hope!"


Meggie Kingsley, LISW

Licensed Independent Social Worker

Book For | Consultations, Workshops, Speaking Engagements

Specialties | Enneagram Typing System: Team-Building, Communication, Conflict Resolution

"As a Cincinnati native, I’ve lived in this great city for over 20 years. I love Cincinnati and the people who live here. My husband, two kids, and I are passionate about our community, pouring into it every day, to foster deep relationships that challenge and encourage us. Along with spending time with my family, friends, and neighbors, I also enjoy being outside, traveling, and creating new experiences, whether learning how to make pottery, or going to Jungle Jim’s Cheese Fest, I am up for anything!

My number one goal as a consultant is to see teams and individuals reach their full potential. Through my experience in startups, healthcare and clinical work, I use my professional knowledge to wield the Enneagram personality typing tool. I believe personal capacity and impact on the world around us is directly correlated to the degree to which we know ourselves. The Enneagram is a powerful tool that promotes self-awareness and change. By putting language to our natural thoughts and feelings, people are able to see themselves in a way that acknowledges their complexities while pushing them to new growth.  

When working with teams I expose the basics of the Enneagram in order to address each individual personally, leading them to discover their Enneagram type. We go beyond the test-taking experience to discover everyone’s true number with a series of questions and situational run-throughs. We then work as a group to understand how team dynamics are shaped by individuals’ personalities. (This is where it gets really fun!)

By using the Enneagram as a foundational framework, we then dive in to specific strategies and processes that might be impacted by the varying personalities of your team. When working with teams in the past, I've found the Enneagram can point to specific personal strengths which help the entire group understand how to utilize each team player. We are all unique. I want to engage with teams, building self-awareness to discover the untapped potential of your existing members, allowing your organization to reach your full capacity.


Pat Kuykendoll, MA, LPCC

Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor

Book For | Children and Adolescents ages 4+, Individual Counseling, Couples Counseling, Speaking Engagements

Specialties | Parenting Concerns, Couples/Marital Distress, Anxiety, Depression, Grief

"I am a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor in the state of Ohio. I received my Masters of Arts in Counseling from Cincinnati Christian University and my Bachelors of Science in psychology from Liberty University. I have enjoyed working with children in a school-based setting, adults, older adults in a long term setting, and various ages in a community mental health setting as well as private practice.

My belief is that we were created to be in relationships and healthy relationships are foundational to our ability to experience deep satisfaction in life. I am convinced that we can bear much when we do not bear it alone. I consider the therapeutic relationship to be a collaborative one.

I have a particular passion to empower parents and caregivers to nurture their children from a position of emotional safety for their children. In times of distress we will seek out those with whom we feel are emotionally safe. As parents and caregivers we want to be that place for our children.

Couples also find marital satisfaction when they are able to be that emotionally safe place for one another. Yet, couples often are caught in unhealthy patterns which hinder each partner from feeling emotionally safe and able to communicate their needs and wants within the relationship. Identifying these patterns can help each partner to change the relationship pattern and relate to one another in the context of emotional safety. I have training in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy as well as Gottman Methods Couples Therapy. In my free time I find a great work out in the gym, a visit to beautiful Amish country, and a good book are all ways that I can destress and regroup.’